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If the politicians are correct, actors will not be working - actor Ari talk

The musical release of Dhoni Kabadi Group, which is based on cricket and kabaddi, was held in private theaters. Actor Ari spoke at the audio launch of the movie which is directed by many of the actors including Abhilash, Lima, Thenali and Saranya.

My appreciation for all of this film, which has taken place in our traditional game. Everybody only makes a voice call to a Chennai. Wherever relief aid accumulates.

But if anything happens in other places beyond Chennai nobody can see it. If the help is gone, today farmers will not commit suicide by kajah storm.
Actors do not have a job to do their duty properly.

You have to live in cinema. In the movie theater will have to reduce the charge for online registration. In the evenings and night scenes for small films should be increased.

He spoke thus. #DhoniKabadiKulu #Aari
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