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In the nursing murder case, the detainee van driver has been linked with many more women The cellphone is trapped

நர்சு கொலை வழக்கில் கைதான வேன் டிரைவருக்கு மேலும் பல பெண்களுடன் தொடர்பு? செல்போன் சிக்கியதுNagercoil:

Sreeja (aged 23) was from Fish, Pattuvathu, near Meenakshi near Kuzhimurai.

Sreeja was staying at a relative's house in coconut and worked as a nursing home in a private hospital. On the 21st of this day, he was murdered in the river Kulamavarai.

Police seized Kaliyakavai's body and sent them to postmortem. Sreeja was revealed to be 5 months pregnant.

Who was the cause of Sreeja's pregnancy? The police tried to find out that the police were involved. In this case, Sreeja and Vadin (26) of SDMangal had a love story, and both were frequently lonely. The policemen caught the VP.

In which he admitted to killing Sreeja in the Kumbikkara river. In this confession to the police, he said: -

I own a van. I drove it myself. Sreeja will travel frequently on my van. I had a habit with him. It blossomed into love in time.

There will be no one in my house during the day. So I will take Sreeja home. I wanted to be there with him. Sreeja refused.

So I gave Sreeja a cold drink in the bathtub. When she was seduced, I raped her. Then I was lazy with this incident. Sreeja became pregnant.

Sreeja urged me to marry soon after the pregnancy. I was so angry that I took him to the pulpit to take him on the incident. While sitting there on the bridge I pushed Sreeja into the river.

Sreeja drowned in the water and died.

Thus he said in the confession to the police.

The police then produced the VP in the court. Then he was taken to Nagercoil jail.

In the meantime, the investigator Mohan Iyer, who was investigating the case, received some secret information about the detainee. It was revealed that there were close friends of the case and they had many evidence of the killing of Sreeja.

The police then searched for friends of Vipin. Yesterday, a young man from Talaullamudu met the police and gave a cellphone.

It was revealed that the cellphone belongs to Sreeja and bought it for Srija. In that cellphone, only Vipin speaks with Sreeja. Because Vipin said that the cellphone should not be used for anything else, Srira did not talk to anyone on that cellphone. If the cellphone was available, the police examined it. It was reported that Vipin had spoken with Sreeja for hours. The police immediately handed the cellphone to the court as it was the main source of the case.

In the meantime, police suspect that there might be more women involved in the case. Police have been informed that Vipin, smiling, laughing, and laughing with women who came to her in the van.

Did she have sex with a woman who was in touch with her? The police are involved in the attempt to find out. A secret investigation has begun. #tamilnews

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