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In Shankar's direction, Rajini has been producing a massive '2.0' film.

The film is being produced as a part of Endhiran's release in 2010 and is expected to be anticipated. The film is set in Hollywood and the film is expected to become an Indian film actor Akshay Kumar Villan and Amy Jackson.

The film did not finish the project as the graphics did not finish the project several times. Now all the works of the film are over and tomorrow (29th) is out. The teaser and trailer of the film was received by fans.

2.0 The film's teaser and trailer had more footage with cell phones. The company has filed a Central Censor Board request to revise the film's claim that it has misused cell phones.

The Indian Censor Operators Association has sent a complaint to the Ministry of Census, Information and Broadcasting, claiming that cellphones have been misused in the 2.0 movie teaser trailer without any evidence. The film is being released in the release of the film tomorrow. # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth

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