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Local News: One of the world's top social media networks, Facebook, acknowledged that the Sri Lankan affair was a major mistake.

Vice President Richard Allen, responsible for Facebook's policy solution issues, has admitted this during a trial in London.

Singapore's parliament member Edwin Thong has raised questions about ethnic violence in Sri Lanka last March.

He pointed out that Muslims had been killed by anti-Sinhalese fanatics in Sinhala.

When Thong questioned whether the fax recordings were out of the company's statutes, Richard Allen acknowledged it.

Thong pointed out that the fake recordings had been created in the face of serious contradiction between Muslims and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

He pointed out that the mosque was attacked and that the government finally imposed an emergency law.

Do you agree that the Facebook posts have provoked this contradictory situation? Dong said that he had agreed with the company's vice president.

Although the Sri Lankan Telecom Minister has requested to remove these personal records, he has further inquired about the reasons for not being deleted.

Richard Allen replied that this is the reason for the faculty.

Furthermore, Tang questioned whether Facebook had previously advocated that anti-social based records were not.

It was not confessed when it was in error that Richard Alain said that this was a mistake.

He has questioned whether the company can not be trusted and can not get the right ratings with the company.

Richard Alan responded by saying that the company had agreed to a serious error. He said that his company was responsible for defining such errors.

He said that he has invested heavily in the use of artificial intelligence to detect and condemn anti-voicing words in all languages.

The Sri Lankan Telecom Minister has complained that the Facebook company has failed to take due notice of the provocative statements.

He pointed out that the government had taken action to ban the use of Facebook in the end.

Richard Alain said that the company has been actively involved in promoting independent elections and not making any impact on the elections.

These comments were exchanged during an international inquiry into the fake news in London.

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