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Like the Nayantara, often lover and Amala Paul

Cinematic News: Amala Paul frequently changes the love of some of the bad teachings that some of you can make the next Nayantara in the face of the hype.

Amala Paul is thrilled by the hit film 'Myna' and 'Pillai Pillai'. Though close to Vikram in 'Deiva Vartham', Amala had been married for some time and was married to director AL Vijay. Then married life soon blew up, and she got closer to Dhanush.

This is the old story that went close to Dhanush's house to the Perumbai Vallaye Panchayat Rajini. Then a big businessman and producer turned out to be in the forefront of Amala Paul's imagination.
Director Vijay has acted in divorcing Amala divorced in love with the unemployed graduate. Vishnu Vishal is the fifth luckiest person in the Amala wand to get divorced happiness.

When asked by the close two-headed director that such love panchayats in such a short time, "Amala Paulis a grim game in love. SHE is the one who can do anything to win. Shee has a desire to capture Nayantara in some of the Tamil cinema. She says She will bring down more than a dozen lovers.

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