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Me reddit? Simbu answered Vishal by song

Actor Simbu was shooting for a long time due to the loss of crores in the film, the producer of the film was producer Michael Rayappan.

The complaint was based on a complaint by Simbu's producer association and the Red Card (acting ban) by the actor's association.

Simbu is the voice of Vishal against the actor's election. Simbu fans are spreading on social networks so that Vishal is taking revenge on Simbu.

Now Simbu is back with a lot of films. He is acting in 'Sundarar' directed by 'Vandha Rajaavat' will be produced.

Athiranki Tharadi is a remake of the Tamil remake of the biggest success in Telugu. The trailer of the film will be released in Rajinikanth's 2.0 -including theaters.
It is reported that the single will be released soon. In the meantime, Vishal has recently leaked information that the film is going to be red card. Simbu's fans have been silently criticized by Vishal.

In this situation, Simbu shared the lyrics of the film on his Instagram page. In it, the lines come with "Ecca Red Card Take Me Record".

This song seems to be released soon. These teas are sensationally spoken of as vishal. #STR #Simbu #VanthaRajavathaanVaruven

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