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New information released by Sinhala Heroes in Liberation Struggle

The main news is that the heroine found in Tailumilai in Vizhuvudu Tera has gained widespread attention.

It is the tomb of Kunjapanda Ranasinghe, the so-called Rana.

The Sinhalese name has attracted attention in the social media. Many are sharing this with the surprise of the Sinhala youth in the LTTE. He is thought to be a Tamil speaking Sinhalese. He was weaved on 04.10.1999.

At the same time, it is not surprising that in the social media, it is not the only Sinhalese in the LTTE who were in the LTTE.

The Sinhalese who lived in Tamil areas were nominal Sinhalese and lived as Tamil speakers.

Many were from LTTE cadres in Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee districts. There were many people in the final. Many were heroes.

Similarly, even though Muslim-born, many Tamils ​​lived in Tamil Tigers. Many were heroes.

The Sri Lanka Intelligence Bureau has failed to make an attempt to attack Douglas Devananda's vehicle in Colombo in 2007.

The military intelligence department arrested a fighter in the attack group in Colombo by a secret operation. He is a Muslim militant.

He was recently released after the trial and rehabilitation.

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