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Cinema News: Controversies continue in the Tamil film world. Recently, Vijay's 'Sarkar' wijesedupathi's '96' came to the screen. 96. The story is a story written by his assistant director Bharathiraja. The court case against the Sarkar story followed the case and became compromised.

The issue of the resignation of the Chairman of the Bhagyaraj Film Authority Association in this issue has been resigned. Writer Rajesh Kumar has said that the story of Thimiru Puthiychavan is the story of Vijay Antony.

It was a stir. Ganesa has denied the allegation. He said:

"The story of the Timir Buddhi is mine. This film flows successfully in all the villages. I have been in cinema for 25 years. I have a lot of difficulties and I am directing the 2nd film. Rajesh Kumar's claim to the story now is not acceptable. There is evidence that the story belongs to me.

When I was an assistant to Rajamouli in Telugu, I created this nucleus. I'm shooting it 10 years later. I have respect for Rajesh Kumar. I do not read the story he wrote. "

He said so.

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