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Oviya, Andrew again in love with the web

Cinema News: Tamil Movie 'Kalavani' is the heroine of the film and the famous Biggas show is Oviya. Owija fell in love with Biggas's fellow rival Arrow. He has acted in minor roles in the films Aravind, Oru Kaadhalin, Saathan.

Both kissed the Bigbas stage and expressed love. Arvav said that he did not love Oviya and was told that she had been depressed with Oviya's depression. Oviya then said it indirectly. Then Oviya became a public servant.

Oviya and Aray are now getting used to speaking and talking about the old incident. There are also photographs that take place together in public places.But now there is information that Oviya and Arrow are getting closer again. Recently, the couple had paired up on the birthday of the orange birthday on the social website. Now back to the beach, they are standing and picked up. Both are said to be romantic

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