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Pattinappakkam movie review

Actor kalaiyaracan
Actress Anaswara Kumar
Director Jayadev Balachandran
Music Ishan Dev, Pranav Das, Sreejith Menon
Rana olippativu
The hero of the middle family is the artist and his mother lives in the slums with his sister. An artist who runs a auto rickshaw will be able to borrow the donor John Vijay and get irritated. Artist and daughter-in-law Anaswara Kumar love and marry.

In this case, the artist's mother is getting sick and he does not know what to do because he will cost millions to save Mum. In this situation, the artist goes to a house with Charlie's artist. Charlie tells the game that the elderly lady can be settled in the house with a robbery. Then the artist decides to steal the house and goes to the house.

Manoj K.Jayan has been harassing his wife Chaya Singh. This causes Chaveau to hate Manoj. Chaya is close to a young man who is affectionate with him. Then she tells the young man to come home to her mother one night.

Psycho killer who chooses and murders older people is trying to kill Chai's mother.

So what happened when they met Kalaiyarasan, Chaya Singh and Psycho killer? Artist saved his mother? What happened in the background? That's the film's overflow.

Artist has played the role of a normal middle class youth. His performance in the looting house was exquisite. Though the heroine Anaswara Kumar does not have the character to say, Chaya is a compelling character for Sing, who appreciates him for accepting it.

Manoj K.Jayan, John Vijay, Charlie, MS Bhaskar have done the experience. Other characters like Yok Jabhi, Janguri Madhumita, Swaminathan and others have improved the character.

Jayantha Balachandran has acted in a variety of places, though it is the story of the story. However, the film is still very good if you have a little bit of attention on the screenplay and the scene of the film is a bit shortened.

Rana's cinematography, Ishan Dev, Pranav Das and Sreejith Menon's music has also strengthened the film.

Overall, the 'Padinappakam' look. #PathinapakkamReview #Kalaiyarasan #AnaswaraKumar

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