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Rajini's 2.0 in the record collections - collections passed Sarkar

Rajinikanth's performance in the film Shankar is getting good response to the film's 2.0, the film's collection is ahead of Sarkar's score. # 2Point0 # 2Point0BoxOfficeCollection # 2Point0Record

Rajini's performance in Shankar's direction is making a record of 2.0 film collections. The first four days of the release of tickets was sold out, as the film was expected to hit a record of Rs.550 crore.

2.0 movie in Chennai only Rs. 2.64 crore collections. It's more than Sarkar, Mercer, Wisdom, and Gala. Thus, the circular's first day collection score of 2.0 has broken. Vijay's Sargar movie is going to be the first day in Chennai. 2.37 crore.

Sargar was a big hit in Chennai. The movie was released on Diwali and got a lot of money. 2.0 was released on weekdays of the festival and broke the record.

2.0 movie is about Rs. It is estimated that up to 25 crores will be collected. Release in the US at 10 pm 2 crore collections. In New Zealand Rs. 11.11 lakh and Rs. 58.46 lakh has been collected. In the weekend, it is expected that a large scale collection will be conducted.

Over 10,000,000 theaters worldwide have been released. On the first day of the day, the gross collection of scores will be over. They are estimated to have collected between Rs. 60 to Rs .65 crore.

With 2.0 picture graphics displays, kids are very much impressed. So, the fans who have seen the movie are booking tickets for the family again.

The next few days will be completed within a few hours of commencement. # 2Point0 # 2Point0BoxOfficeCollection # 2Point0Record

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