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Rajini's Endhiran 2.0 released in 10-thousand theaters

Cinema News: Rajinikanth starring Shankar's starring film Endhiran. The film became a big hit.

In 2014, the film's next title was created by the name of 2.0. The film launched in 2015 is released today.

For the first time in the Indian film industry, the 3D camera has been shot in full. Rasool Pookutty has created the sound of the film for the first time in the world of 4D sound technology. For the first time in India, the graphics have spent more than Rs 500 crore.

Shankar - Rajinikanth's '2.0' film is screened in nearly 10,500 theaters globally. Prior to this, 'Pakubali 2' was screened at more than 9000 theaters. '2.0' has now broken the record.

In North India, only 5000 theaters are '2.0' screened. In Andhra and Telangana 1100, 900 in Tamil Nadu, 450 in Kerala and 400 in Karnataka, only 7,800 theaters in India have been released.

In the USA, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi were released in 800 theaters with three editions. This number may be adjusted according to the film's welcome. 50 theaters have been allocated for three language versions in Canada.

In the films that have earned more than $ 1 million in the US, there are four Rajini films. Rajin has not played for this. It is expected that '2.0' will continue to cost millions of dollars following 'Endhiran', 'Linga', 'Kabali' and 'Gala'.

'2.0' was released in 140 theaters in Malaysia. Here's a picture of 'Kabali' which has not been completed yet. Similarly, the film's endorsement in Britain has not gone any further. Where '2.0' was released in 297 theaters.

'2.0' was released from 300 to 350 theaters in the United Arab Emirates. Only here, on the first day, more than 700 scenes appear to be screened. This is more than the first day of the 'Day of the Hindustan' of Aamir Khan's release.

Out of 155 theaters in Australia and New Zealand. As for Australia, there is a huge collection of 'Pakubali 2'. The next place is 'Kabali'.

Rajini has been greeted by Duivar for his 2.0 film. In a statement, he said, "Congratulations to the film crew. That great day has come. "

The film was released in Chennai this morning. At 4 o'clock in the morning some of the theaters were released at 7 o'clock in theaters. At 8.30pm, multiplex theaters were released.

The tickets for today's scenes were sold out yesterday before the booking opened. Some theaters had a ticket in counters this morning, and the crowd rallied in the theaters.

Upon release of the film 2.0, the fans were enthusiastic about wearing 3D glasses. 2.0 is the highest paid film in the history of Tamil cinema.

'Endhiran' is the only film in the Indian film industry to win the huge success of films. The film 'Raw On' faced defeat.

If the '2.0' film is successful, the value of Tamil cinema will continue to grow at the world stage. The film is expected to achieve a record in the collection

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