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Recall that fighting for freedom is alive nittavarkalai duty-Wigneswaran

Chief Minister of the Northern Province CVVigneswaran said that our duty is to remember the survivors of the lives of the people who remembered the liberators of the Tamil people for the rights of the Tamil people.

He said in his media report on the Day of Heritage Day.

"The remembrance of the survivors of the survivors can be seen from ancient Greeks during and after the war in the world today.

Remembrance of libertarians is the duty of their own communities. It is an important character of today's human civilization.

The significance of the memories of those who remember the lives of the battles in the settlement theories of contradictions have been emphasized.

But in the North and East, the situation in the south is against the right to commemorate their liberation warriors.

The international community should understand the mood of the South, which can not tolerate the memory of his parents who have died in the war and can not remember their siblings and their siblings.

I am convinced that no one can repel the sense of our people who remember our liberators for the rights of the Tamil people.

Those who oppose it will make us more and more steadfast and independent.

I urge you to follow the steps in peaceful ways and make our people aware of events.

Our people who have sacrificed their lives with the noblest thought that our people live with their freedom and all rights are always in the minds of our people. "

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