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Remember the epic heroes everywhere in the homeland

The main news: People are ready to recall the heroic heroes who remember their heroic lives for the liberation of the homeland. Today, the heroes of Mavarai are living in homes, memorials and Jaffna University.

Last year, the war was overwhelming after the armed war was silenced. This year, the heroes of the day have been arranged to run with senses.

Heroes are decorated with red-yellow flags. The arrangements have been made to get better. The eagle will be loaded at 6.05 pm and will be paid to the heroes.

The organizing committee has said that all the arrangements for the death of the heroine in the family were completed. Announcing that travel arrangements have been made for the transportation of parents and relatives of the heroes.

From the cotton, the bus arrives at 2 am from the bus stand - Vallipuram-Amban The departure bay at 3 o'clock will arrive at Thoothukulam in the wake of the victory. It has also been announced that traffic arrangements have been made from Pudukkulam junction to Maruthankerny through Pathirimallam for release from publishing houses.

In Tire
All the activities to be remembered in the home of the warrior in Tire have been completed. The organizers said that they will be remembered as in the past.

The Mewarar memorial to the Jaffna University campus has been reconstructed with the new hero of the war. All the arrangements for the day of martyr day will be completed and the venue will be held at noon at 12.30 noon.

All the arrangements for the diocese, Chaiti Maitrey's home are completed. The organizers have called for everyone who wore war heroes.

Kopay Rajahevi is the birthday of the hero. All the arrangements for removal in the area before the home of the Kopay Maitrey and the Army are under control. The organizers said that there will be a victory here today as in the past.

Kilinochchi, Kanagapuram, Mullaperiyar, Mullaperiyar, Homes and Homes are well prepared for the day. All the parties made this arrangement.

Kanagapuram Meyerana task force secretary Kumarasingham said that the arrangements were made for the heroes of the day without any crises.

All the arrangements for the Heroes of Devarapuram, Mullivaikka, Mullivanai and Mavarai are all completed. Young people, relatives and organizers of the area have arranged for a memorandum.

All the arrangements for the martyr's livelihood are completed in Ampara, Kanchikudi Chiru Maviera Thillai. All the arrangements like transport, drinking water, food have been advanced by the Heritage Committee. The Working Group has called for everyone to pay homage to the heroes.

Arrangements for remedies have been completed in other war heroes. Special temples have been arranged in temples.

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