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Running is not my software - Rajini's political trap in the 2.0 film

The 2.0 version of Rajini's actress has been well received by fans in the punch. # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth

Many of the films released before Rajini's entry into politics will be in the form of 'Punch' dialogues.

In particular, Rajini spoke in the film 'Badshah', but I can not speak of a verse saying "

Similarly, Rajini will speak the 'Punch' texts that are mixed with the political mood in 'Muthu'. "When will I come ... no one knows how to come. But I will definitely come in time to come, "he said.

Punch dialogues are being made to encourage fans in all these films.

The fans were also expecting to have political punch dialogues in the film 'Gala' after Rajini's political entrance.

But the film was a completely different Rajini film. So fans were disappointed.

In this situation, the film's release of 2.0 was released in Shankar's performance and has been released in huge amount of money.

The film has been taken with the help of computer technology to capture the graphics scenes.

There was no possibility of political 'punch' dialogues in such a film. But the punch dialogue has been made to satisfy the fans with "Robo Rajini".

In December last year, Rajini announced his political admission. He then spoke in various meetings about politics.

I will fill the vacuum in Tamil Nadu. I am MGR. This can be an example of such an assertion that the rule can give.

But Rajini still does not start the Puducherry. When Rajini says about this, I have been saying that I have not come to politics yet. There are also criticisms that Rajini will not launch a new party.

In this film, Rajini retaliated. Fans are celebrating their place in Tamil politics by saying that "running is not my software". Fans say that Rajini has been asserting that he will not run away from politics.

Rajini Panchu speaks in the dialects. In a scene, the fans are applauding the memory of Rajini's absence from health when he says that "dead soul is solitary."

Speaking of "Number 1, Number 2 Everything Papa Game, I'm the Only One's Super" dialogues the applause. The fans are enthusiastic about the other actors who want to win their superstar title.

The punch dialogues speak to Akshay Kumar, who is a villain who is a villain.

Citizen's voice arises when thousands of robot Rajinikas call Rajini 'Dai' to be the spinster, challenging the voice of the vigilante and challenging to touch the finger.

City Rajini Kandali Nila 'Awesome things are amazing in the Vazhikaran. I am one. Another thing is you say, 'When the dialogue sounds, the applause falls.

At the end of the film, 3.0 cubic robot Rajini 'I'm kidding. Grandson 'fans.

The 2.0 film is not only a fan of the audience but also the 100 per cent of the public is satisfied.

It is predicted that Rajini's political journey will be inspired. # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth #AkshayKumar #Shankar

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