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Sri Lankan ministers banned parliament for spending money on government

இலங்கை மந்திரிகள் அரசு பணத்தை செலவு செய்ய நாடாளுமன்றம் தடைColombo:

Sri Lankan President Sirisena removes Prime Minister Vikramasinghe on October 26 and replaced former President Rajapaksa as prime minister. The political crisis has emerged since then. Sirisena then ordered the dissolution of the parliament some 20 months earlier and immediately ordered the election.

But the Supreme Court did not accept the decision of the chancellor and suspended the election proceedings. Wickramasinghe and Rajapaksa announced that they are the prime minister. Vikramasinghe removes herself and claims that she has a majority in parliament.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya declared that he would not accept it as legally prime minister until Rajapaksa proved his majority. Vikramasinghe's United National Front brought 3 non-confidence motion on Rajapaksa. But Rajapaksa refused to step down.

Various parties submitted a petition in the Supreme Court on how Rajapaksa could be prime minister after the defeat of the vote on November 14 and 16. On the 16th of the vote, there was an unprecedented violence. Chairs and chili powder were thrown. When the police were called inside they were attacked. Some MPs were injured. The Speaker set up a group yesterday to investigate the violence.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Office in Parliament passed a resolution yesterday banning the government funding of funds. This is another huge blow to Rajapaksa.

In another case, another major step in the Sri Lankan government was the resolution passed by a majority in Parliament today, banning the government money spending. Resolution was passed with 122 members supporting the 225-member parliament. #SriLankaParliament #SriLankaMinisters

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