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Tamil Movie 2.0 Movie Review online

2.0Actor Rajinikanth
Actress Amy Jackson
Music by AR Rahman
Shruti Shaw
Akshay Kumar dies in a mobile tower at the first sight of the 2.0 film produced by Endhiran. The mysterious cell phones are drawn towards the sky the next day after his death. Suddenly all the cell phones have flown in fear of the people.

In this case, Ayila Ganesh, who owns the cellphone store, is selling all the mobile phones at this time and makes a list of new mobile phones. Those phones disappear. More Ayesha Ganesh is dying mysteriously.

At this stage, he starts his research on these issues (scientist scout) Rajinikanth. His new robot, Amy Jackson, helps the Rajini. Their research finds a power to control all the mobile phones and that it acts against humans.

Following this, the high level advisor suggests that there is a tremendous power that can solve this problem only if the city comes to the state. In Endhiran, Vasikaran's guru Pohra would have opposed the city. Similarly, his son Sudhunu Pandey opposed the protest. Because City has serious damages, support for the city is reduced. In this case, some more celebrities decide to bring the city back to life.

After the arrival of City, the magic power begins to attack humans. The more energy that comes to the bird, the more damage it causes. And in this battle the city is destroyed.

Who eventually controlled the bird? Was the magic power of the bird destroyed? What is the reason behind Akshay Kumar suicide? What happened in the background? That's the film's overflow.

Rajinikanth has distinguished robots as Vallikaran, City, Endhiran 2.0, 3.0. Akshay Kumar has acted in a strong role. Although the screen is short-lived, emotionally disturbs us. Amy Jackson has also contributed to her role as a robot.

Other characters, including Sudhunu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajan, and Myisasamy have also contributed.

The film is a visual treat that will attract all walks of life. Especially in Tamil, when watching the full 3D movie, we have a strange and innovative feel. Shankar has been praised for having a huge work to bring Indian cinema to the next level. Graphics in the film, VFX The scenes make it feel great. The presence of graphics scenes makes Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar disappointing that the characters are not given much importance. The screen has appeared in the screen more than the appearance of Akshay Kumar in the screen. Shankar has done so much to the size of the bird.

It is disappointing if Rajini is to be seen as a masculine or a different kind of Akshay Kumar. This is a Shankar movie rather than a film called 'Rajini' or 'Akshay Kumar'. Director Shankar has given his contribution to that extent. Especially in the Climax scene, he has brought the whole gulf. It is also the tone of the suspense to the next part of the climax.

AR Rahman has threatened the background music. Rasool Pookutty's 4D audio sound is great. Both of them have gone to the next leval in music. True Shah's 3rd Cinematography is a real visual treat.

Overall, `2.0 'is huge. # 2Point0Review # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth #AkshayKumar #AmyJackson
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