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The actress Gayatri Raghuram who was caught in a police vehicle was drunk

Cinematography: Gayatri Raghuram, daughter of famous cinema dancer Raghuram. She is an actress who lives in Nungambakkam in Mahalingapuram. He has acted in films including 'Charlie Chaplin' and 'Whistle'. She has worked as a dance director in many films.

Aimiramapuram traffic police had been engaged in vehicle testing at midnight yesterday near Adayaru Sathya Studios in Madras. The police found a white luxury car in the highway, and the car stopped and checked.

The actress Gayatri Raghuram came to know that she was driving the car. The police suspect that he was forced to leave the car when he dropped the car glass and drank from the car and breathed his breath in a detective machine. But the actress Gayatri Raghuram, who refused to come out of the car, was reportedly involved in a dispute with the traffic police. He said he did not drink and refused to blow the tool. Finally, he breathed his breath in the instrument. It is confirmed that Gayatri Raghuram is in alcoholism.

Traffic police said that he did not drive the car because he was carrying a policeman with Gayatri Raghuram in his car in Nungambakkam in his house in Mahalingapuram. Later he was taken to the Abiramapuram traffic police station.

Traffic police were fined Rs 3,500 for Gayatri Raghuram for driving a drunken car. Yesterday, Gayatri Raghuram took the fine from the car at the Abiramapuram Transport Police Station. This incident caused a big stir.

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