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The American interim election begins with the trump's future

The national medieval election of the country, which is deemed as crucial for US President Donald Trump, began yesterday.

Trump was involved in the last campaign on Monday in front of Republican supporters for this election. "Let's see the role we have reached tomorrow," Trump said.

This election takes place in the middle of four years of presidency. It will set the president's activities in the next two years.

The United States will elect 435 members of the full House of Representatives and 33 members of the 100-member Senate. Governors to 35 states in 50 states will be selected by the election.

The American Congregation consists of two chapters, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Former President Barack Obama was involved in the campaign on behalf of the Democratic Party. "Our country's characteristic is on the ballot," he said. "It may be the most important election in our lives," he said through Twitter.

This election will determine which party they will control. In which the Republican Party retains control of both of them, President Trump is likely to continue his plans.

It is noteworthy that if the two parties are in control of the Democrats,

According to opinion polls, the Democrats are expected to win 23 seats needed to bring the House to the House.

However, the party is estimated to have two seats less than the seats needed to control the Senate.

However, many polls predicted prior to the election suggest that in both the Congregations, Democrats and Republicans have nearly equal strength.

However, experts have noted that if the two parties are in power after the election, it will create a worse environment in Konkars, which is already facing severe confrontation in making any decisions.
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