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The dams of the Iranamaduktu rose after 35 years

Main News: The irrigation tank in Kilinochchi district has risen 33 feet after 35 years.

In the Kilinochchi district, the irrigation tank of the huge irrigation was found to be 36 feet away, and in 1984, 1984, the dam was damaged in the pond dam over 30 feet.

Continuing pool punaramaikkappatata condition 2014 vankatavukal opened 34 feet, 1 inch to the pool's water level uyarvataintu found 30 feet from the water saved in 1983 after ivvantileye pond 33 feet above the water today tekkappattullat a pond 36 feet from the water tekkamutiyum the Kilinochchi Mo. Tta replica nirppacanapporiyilalar encutakaran said today.

The great irrigation tank of the Kilinochchi district, the Iranamadu pond, has seen no major reconstruction work since 1975. As a result of many efforts by the Department of Irrigation since the war in 2010, 22 farmers under the Iranamadu tank and the non-stop demand of more than 7000 farmers have been adjudicated by the Sri Lankan government's financial institutions.

That is to say, the last phase of pest management in the year 2016 has been suspended and the program is carried out in full.

The project is aimed at raising the water capacity of two feet under the project of the Asian Development Bank, and other related structures, air and bridges and Thiruvaiyar irrigation works in the 2000 mln.

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