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The police have a brutal attack that there is no identity card in Jaffna

Jaffna News: Jaffna. Sunna police detained a young man and his brother-in-law with the ID card and took the police station to torture and torture the victims. Regional Human Rights Commission has registered a complaint.

According to the victims,

When I and my brother went home in the three-wheeler at 10.45 pm on 19th last night, the Chunnakam police, who were involved in road trials near the house, tested the three-wheeled three-wheeler and tested them to my brother-in-law with three wheeler.
Later, I was asked by the identity card. I do not have an identity card then. Asked if I had left home and told me to come from home, the police did not accept it and took us to a police station at Chunnakai with three-wheelers and tortured me in the police cuisine, tortured me and tortured me.

They were attacked by me in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Then on the 20th day of the next day, we were released without any legal action. We can not bear the pain of severe torture and burden on 20th and we went to the Tellipalai Reserve Hospital.

We have registered a complaint with the Jaffna Human Rights Commission regarding the attack on us and torture. "He said.

Meanwhile, in 2011 November 25 th Chun as a portion of the ciriskantaraja cumanan a young man lying charged under the torture After the murder of the young man's body in the river threw the charged the then-OIC, including the six of torture allegations Decade Challenge 2017.05.04 Court chamber on yalmel destined to be convicted of murder allegation regarding the trial is being held.

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