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The tribes buried the American body on the beach - eyewitnesses reported

அமெரிக்கரின் உடலை கடற்கரையில் பழங்குடியினர் புதைத்து விட்டனர் - நேரில் பார்த்தவர்கள் தகவல்Indigenous peoples living in the Northern Sentinel Islands of Antan are living separately from the outside world. They are very arrogant and are killing the aliens who enter their territory. The federal government, which has declared the tribal population as a limited number, has prohibited anyone from entering the Northern Sentinel Island.

But American Alan Kaun (age 27), who went to the Northern Sentinel Island by breaking this barrier, was killed last week by the tribal people. The Andaman police who registered the case have arrested seven fishermen who helped Alan to go to the North Sentinel Island. Meanwhile, American John Allen Gau, who was killed, has been unable to recover the body. It is said that moving towards the area is dangerous. They are already using the arrow keys to target helicopters.

Residents of the incident informed the incident that the tribal people buried the American body on the beach. Fishermen who spoke during the police inquiry said they saw the American body's body on the shore and buried it.

As Andaman Police General Debendra Pathak said, "I can understand the emotional concern of the family. But all this move can be taken into consideration in the law, "it said. It is said that the authorities are investigating how Alan Kao's body could be restored and that time can be further worse.

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