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There is no good benefit for Tamils in good governance

The governments of the past three and a half years in the name of good governance have done nothing to the Tamils ​​or Tamils. On the contrary, the Vanni district parliamentarian and EP also said that the Ranil-led government was acting in the process of cheating Tamils. MR. Elep. Secretary Sivasakthi Anandan said.

At the same time, the TNA also acted in collaboration with the government and continued to say that within this year the solution would be available. However, Tamils ​​did not get anything.

Stress the state with the condition

That is B. MR. L. F.. We continuously pressed the Federation leadership. He never heard anything. Instead, Sivasakthi Anandan pointed out that I was allocated completely. The prospect of a 2015 change in the country's expectation would be a solution for many of the country's problems.

Yet another party has opposed the guarantees offered by a party to Tamil people so far. With the international intervention, the transition took place with the support of the Tamil National Alliance. In this situation, the diplomatic relations of the international community with Sri Lanka have been simplified and our problems are slowly beginning to drop.

After the end of the war, it was naturally handing the people the lands to the people as if they were giving new lands to people without land.

Some of the political prisoners were released on bail and acted as prisoners concerned. The disappearance of the next two months after the end of March, the office of the disappeared, as it began to work.

During the war, the people of our people are demolished and destroyed. The Tamil National Alliance leader Uddhinayam made a request that we should provide our support for the last presidential election. Today the Tamil national race is enjoying the result.

There is a permanent solution for the Tamil people through a new constitution. We are getting autonomy in the North and East combined. The Tamil National Alliance gave unconditional support to the Maithree-Ranil government after the other things that it would be impossible for any government in the future.

Similarly, we have acted in harmony with the federalism, noting that we should not be confused by the guarantee that the new people will be able to meet the ambitions of the Tamil people through the new constitution.

However, we have voted against the budget by spending more funds for the defense sector over the past three years and less funding for the development of the Northern and Eastern provinces. We did not agree with the support of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), including our Provincial Council members, in support of our request not to extend a further two-year extension to implement the August 30th Resolution of 2017.

We have released a statement on behalf of our party that no matter what the ambitions of the Tamil people in the interim report of the Constitution in October 2017 did not include.

That is why I know that the opportunity to address the parliament to date has been denied by the Opposition Leader.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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