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Today the Tamil Eelam Day Is Obverse in the Homeland and the Teaspora Nations

Main Stories: Tamil Eelam day of the day is emotionally observed in Tamil homeland and migrant countries. For this reason, all the houses and houses in the Tamil homeland are constructed with red yellow flags.

Today at 6.05 pm the greetings of the hi-day celebration will be completed with the hymn,

Arrangements have been made to conduct a maternal day in the home of the uninhabited army.

It is expected that a large number of people will attend the event. There are also arrangements to follow the Migration Day in the Diaspora countries.

The Sri Lankan police have sought a court in some places to prevent the events of the day. The Sri Lankan police have demanded court orders against the Mavirar tomorrow in Kopay and Madaadi Mummari.

However, the Jaffna and Batticaloa courts have issued orders not to recall the deaths of the LTTE, using the flag, symbols and songs.

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