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Ukrainian affair - Trump disregards the quest at the G-20 summit

உக்ரைன் விவகாரம்- ஜி20 மாநாட்டில் புதினை புறக்கணிக்கிறார் டிரம்ப்Washington:

There is a tense situation between the two countries since Russia joined Ukraine in 2014 in the Crimea region. Recently, there has been a war in the sea region since the Russian military attacked three naval vessels in Ukraine near Crimea. Military law has been implemented in Ukraine for 30 days.

The United States is deeply hostile to Russia in the Ukraine case. Furthermore, Ukraine has emphasized European countries for greater support.

The G-20 summit will be held on Friday and Saturday in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. During the conference, the US president, Trambum and the Russian president, were determined to meet. This meeting is planned to hold consultations on defense, arms control and Ukraine. But it seems that Trump can cancel the meeting with the new face in the current scenario.

Trump said, "I wait for the full report of the Ukrainian ships being attacked and imprisoned. I do not like such a violation. At our G-20 conference, we will not be meeting with our (junior) meeting. "

The US State Department spokeswoman said that the US wants to impose severe sanctions on Russia. #Crimea #RussiaSeizesShips #Trump #Putin

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