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What should be done if a heart attack occurs?

மாரடைப்பு ஏற்பட்டால் என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்?Our eating habits in today's scenario is a heart attack that threatens humanity without age by other factors. Despite the high medical treatment for this disease, it is true that many of us have no awareness about the disease.

The Chidambaram Raja Muthaiah Clinical Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic specialist Chidambaram explains the disease and its effects and treatment.

Blood vessels give blood to the heart, oxygen and nutrients. The heart, through the bloodstream, has the power to do it no more. In the event of blockage, the blood and oxygen needed for the heart muscle are not available. This leads to a heart attack and a heart attack.

Heartburn is a long-term constant pain and can be said to be a new or short-term pain. The third is the distressing mindset that appears from the sudden contraction of the muscle surrounding the bloodstream. There is no connection to the blood clot in the bloodstream.

Cure the first type of medications. In the event of 2nd pain, the hospital should be treated in the direct surveillance of the doctor. Symptoms of Different Hearts Emotional stress, cold attack, and smoking can also occur. This pain is short and usually occurs during nighttime sleeping. The irregular pulse can occur when the blood line breaks down.

There is a possibility of showing no symptoms in the bloodstream at the time of a heart attack. There are no symptoms for those with a lack of blood circulation. Pain in the nerves affects people with diabetes, which can cause pain. Sometimes when the heart is infected, the body can be bleeding and breathing can occur.

A heart attack occurs in the bloodstream for a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours. When a heart attack occurs, usually up to 15 minutes can cause severe heartburn, and some time may come in silence without any symptoms. A broken heart or broken blood vessel tumor is a place where the blood clot is blocked and there is a heart attack. We use this envelope to prevent drugs during a heart attack.

Death is caused by the disease that can damage the heart muscle and rectify the dysfunction. However, some people are hospitalized and have survived death from treatment.

For severe and long-lasting heartburn, the left shoulder, the left shoulder spinal cord sometimes spreads to the left jaw, pain on the stomach, suffocating, nausea, nausea and vomiting, excessive sweating, and frequent heartburn.

In this situation, you should immediately seek medical help. If possible, you should immediately eat the aspirin tablet and the sprinkler of the sprinkler table.

If the person with us is breathed, the cardiovascular first aid should be done immediately. Only a few seconds of breathing can be resurrected. So, you have to do this in a short time. So, everyone should be passionate.

Getting medical assistance within one hour of heart attack is very important. If you do so, you can save life.

Thus Dr. Chidambaram said.

Dr. Chidambaram

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