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Wickickamurthi Muralitharan to murder Tamil police in Batticaloa?

Main Stories: Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan, Karuna, said that there was nothing to do with the police killing in Batticaloa.

He also said that it is not ready to accept any criminal charges being imposed on him.

Responding to this, Muralitharan said Karuna said.

UNP member Nile Bandarara Karuna had filed a criminal case against the police in connection with the killing of police in Batticaloa Vavunathivu last night.

"I totally deny this allegation. The bin Laden says madness.

I speak on the subject of allegedly being revealed on Tvitriar site.

Actually the Twitter site is not mine. The United National Party deliberately intends to impose such criminal charges against me. "

Ganes Dines (age 28) from the Bindunawatta Vavunathivu Police Road checkpoint in Ampara, Periyalinavana area.

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