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Actors can not accept politicians threatening - Vijay Sethupathi interview

Vijay Sethupathi said that the TV is not just about talking about mics, but politicians can not accept the actors. #VijaySethupathi

After Vijay Sethupathi 96, he has acted as a villain to Rajini in 'Batu'. The interview he gave was: -

Question: - How are you choosing pictures?

Answer: - The story just makes you choice. It should attract us while asking. Somehow we want to be in this film. I choose such stories.

Q: What about the heroes you played with?

P: - Trisha is a mysterious person. Nayantara has clearly understood how he should be seen in front of the camera. Aishwarya Rajesh is a hard worker. Madonna is very emotional person. Ramya Nambisan is a very talented actress. Become a born actress.

Q: Will the failure of the films affect you?

P: - No. I share a friend about Junga's picture. There is no comedy in this film. But people in the theater are laughing and smiling.

What should I answer for this suspicion? All the pictures are mixed reviews. 96, even a negative review of the dazzling sky films. The vast majority of people can accept the judgment here.

Q: - Do not act too high in movies?

P: - When I'm acting in a movie, I am responsible for the film. But there is no pressure to act in more films. No matter how you work, you can not do more than 4 films per year.

My responsibility is not to give more pictures. That's what people want to do. I recommend friends that I can not play. But at one point when the stories come back to me, I have to act on the importance of the story.

Q: - Why do I act with other actors like 'Battery', 'Scarf Rain'?

P: - It's a big boon. I think it's a shame to think that we can take the importance of acting with others. Can anyone steal our talent? It is a great experience to watch other actors acting.

Q: - Are you giving voice to a number of issues including the request of the governor for the release of seven?

P: - The voice of man is the nature of man. They have been sentenced to 28 years. Enough, it's done. Let them be sorry. If it speaks, it will be politically dependent.

Q: - Political speaking films are increasing. Will your films be political?

P: - Everything here is politics. TV is not just about talking about Micki. Lifting a caste; The humiliation of another nation is politics.

Cinema is political. People get things going. The sensor can not accept the bulletproof images.

Cinematics are cooling off. We'll sit and vote for you. It's not your job to intimidate us. If our opinion is wrong, you can question it. But the bullying is very wrong.

Q: - All the caste untouchability happened during the storm relief work. How do you see this

P: - All you have to do to support the caste is your betrayal to your future generations. You can raise your child by reading caste pride. But that's where all the child lives in this community.

Save the caste, do not tell me to save the religion ... save the town and tell the community to protect it. Caste is not important to that.

Important women realize this. Hence, the next generation is in the hands of women. To realize this, they will not let their children caste. I believe everything will change. Do not pull God for everything. God will not come to us anymore. We will come.

Become discerning and understanding what God is doing. Many great gods will come to know that God will save us. Save yourself from them.

Q: - You're saying a lot of social comments and you're doing it. Preview of politics

P: - Please ask this question to those who are now politicized. Ask them for questioning. It will be better.

Actor Vijay Sethupathi said. #VijaySethupathi
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