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Anushka, who has gained body weight for the Ginger Kutchery, has been forced to reduce the weight of the body through Ayurvedic treatment and she continues to enjoy films. #AnushkaShetty

Anushka who gained body weight for the Ginger Paddy was struggling to reduce it. That's why the chances are reduced. She was avoiding acting after sometime after the film Baakubali 2.

She is currently signed up for a film opposite Prasad and in Gona Venkat's film. The reason for not acting was to take Ayurvedic treatment to reduce weight. Anushka continues to chances because the weight is reduced and back to the old look.

Anushka can not act in cinema due to the weight gain. She put an end to rumors that she would soon marry.

Anushka is also acting in a new role in Prabhas's next film to be directed by Radha Krishnakumar. #AnushkaShetty

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