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Chief Minister of Karnataka has urgent letter to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has written a letter to the Chief Minister saying Karnataka wants the government to deal with the issue. #MekedatuDam #KarnatakaMinister #EdappadiPalaniswami
மேகதாது விவகாரத்தை பேசி தீர்க்கலாம் - தமிழக முதல்வருக்கு கர்நாடக அமைச்சர் அவசர கடிதம்
Chief Minister of Karnataka has urgent letter to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

The Government of Karnataka has been intensifying the construction of the dam in Meghatadavu. The Central Board of Water Authority has issued a huge turmoil in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Government continues to prohibit the approval of the Central Water Authority. The case is to come to trial next week.

Meanwhile, a special meeting of the Tamil Nadu Assembly will be held at 4 pm today to discuss the issue of the Karnataka government's attempt to build a new dam across the river. When the meeting begins, the first Minister Edapadi will have to make a single resolution on the Palanisam Meghadad dam issue.

In this sensational situation, Karnataka Irrigation Minister DK Sivakumar sent an urgent letter to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palinasamy.

He said that the Karnataka government would like to settle for a smooth solution on the issue of the Agneepaths.

"The Government of Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Nadu think differently about the Megadeth Dam, but the reality is different. You can solve the cloud problem. The Government of Karnataka wants to talk smoothly, "Minister Sivakumar said in his letter. #MekedatuDam #KarnatakaMinister #EdappadiPalaniswami

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