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France bowed to struggle; Petrol, diesel tax hike canceled

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The government has brought a high tax rate on petrol and diesel in France. There is a public protest against this. In the meanwhile, the government has been informed that the power supply will be raised and the situation is torn.

The struggle is going on to lose confidence in President Emanuel McCormon. Young people surrounding the arms damaged the trucks in Paris and burned the fire. An extraordinary situation has been created by violence.

France has decided to cancel the fuel tax hike planned to come from 2019. This decision has been taken after talks with Chancellor Emanuel McCorman, political party leaders.

France's prime minister, Edward Fillip, fuel tax hike will be stopped for a six-month period after the meeting of their party MPs yesterday. People are angry. Other measures will not be implemented until the right debate with the victims is resolved***For More Tamil Online News- -Tamil Online News Paper, Jaffna News, Sri Lanka News, India News, Chennai News, Tamil Nadu News, Cinema News, Tamil Cinema movies News, Canada News, World News..#Tamilnews , #Jaffnanews, #Sr

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