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Gupta scam - Minister Vijayapaskar, CPI summon to assistant

The CBI has sent a probe to Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijayapaskar and his assistant to appear before the Gudka scam. #Gutkhascam #CBI #MinisterVijayabaskar
குட்கா ஊழல் - அமைச்சர் விஜயபாஸ்கர், உதவியாளருக்கு சிபிஐ சம்மன்
Gupta scam - Minister Vijayapaskar, CPI summon to assistant

CBI probe into gutka and narcotics banned in Tamil Nadu Investigation is underway. The Tigress Gudka was brought to light on the backdrop of the trial conducted by the Income Tax Department in Sengundam Gudka Kuton.

In that diary, Minister Vijayapaskar, DGP DK Rajendran and former police commissioner George. Police officers, health care, food security and excise officials were also present.

Subsequently, the CBI investigated and arrested Gudka Maratavarov, his shareholders and government officials. The CBI then filed its first charge sheet. There are 6 accused including Madhavrao. Wijepaskar's name was not named in the charge sheet. DGP TK Rajendran, former Commissioner George, Assistant Commissioner, King and Inspector Sampat are not included.

In this situation, the CPI has also intensified investigations against other persons accused of the Gudsa scam. The CBI summoned Health Minister Vijayapaskar and his assistant Saravanan to appear before the court.

Saman sent the CBI 2 times to Saravanan's assistant minister Vijayabaskar. But he did not appear. The CBI has again sent the summons. The CBI has been asked to appear at the CBI office at Nungambakkam at 10 am tomorrow.

If the assistant of the minister does not appear this time, it seems that the CBI will do the next action. #Gutkhascam #CBI #MinisterVijayabaskar

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