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Hadiya's father, a college student who got stunned, joined the BJP

Hadiya's father, a college student from Kerala who joined suit in the Supreme Court, joined the BJP. #Hadiya #Hadiyafather #KMAsokan
பரபரப்பை ஏற்படுத்திய கல்லூரி மாணவி ஹாதியாவின் தந்தை பா.ஜ.க.வில் இணைந்தார்
Hadiya's father, a college student who got stunned, joined the BJP

The young woman from Kerala was married to his boyfriend Shabeen Jagann, who was married to Hadiya Islamic religion. However, Hadiya's father appealed to the court to cancel the marriage because Jagan had a radical background and had to hand over Hadiya to her.

The Kerala High Court ruled that the marriage was not valid. The judges had a tumultuous comment in the verdict, 'The 24-year-old's mentally unstable person can therefore easily deceive him.'

In the meantime, the National Intelligence Agency investigated the allegation of Jagan's radical background.

Hadiya's husband, Jagann Subramani, appealed against the Kerala HC verdict. In November last year, Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, led by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, passed a major verdict.

The judgment says that Salem College chief who is studying with Hadiya will be his guardian.

Last March, the Supreme Court upheld the order issued by the Kerala High Court to not leave Hadiya's marriage. Judges told the fire that women had full right to search for their spouse.

Hatea's father Ashokan and his family were in the Communist Party of India before the end of these events.

Last Sunday, the party left the party and held a party in Vaikom area. In the event, the Kerala State BJP In the presence of leader P. Gopalakrishnan, they were incorporated into the BJP. About 50 people from DVPuru village in Ashokan had joined them in the BJP.

Asokan, a former Army officer who told the media about this sudden decision, said, "Communist Party did not do anything for us. My daughter did not support us in the legal struggle for marriage. Instead, they supported the parties against us. " #Hadiya #Hadiyafather #KMAsokan #AsokanjoinsBJP

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