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In Jaffna, the imprisonment of imprisoned persons is the judgment of imprisonment

Jaffna News: Two persons convicted of stealing brass items in Tirunelveli The court judge Sinnathurai Satistharan today ruled.

The judge, who took into consideration the second convict, was 17 years old and ordered his sentence for 10 months.

In October and October, there were a lot of robbery in houses and houses in Jaffna, Tirunelveli and neighboring areas.

Young people in Tirunelveli area were identified by thieves who examined the records of the cirrivi cameras installed in those areas during the theft.

In this situation, four people in Tirunelveli area were interviewed by the youth. When checking the bag with them, there was a large amount of brass.

Two people were fleeing. The other two were captured by the youth and handed over to the police.

The recovered brass objects were identified as being stolen in the Nallur area.

The Jaffna police and the suspects detained by the youth took up the investigation into the incident and on October 17, the Jaffna court was in judicial custody.

The two suspects were remanded and later released on bail because they accepted the crime.

The case was taken in the presence of Judge Chinnaturai Seethastran for the sentence today.

The first took into account the drugs that had drugs against the culprit.

"Both the criminals have to pay a penalty of 2 thousand 500 rupees for the crime they committed in the house.

Two of the criminals are sentenced to one year imprisonment for the offense of stolen goods. The second culprit is taken into consideration as a 17-year-old child and his sentence is imprisoned for 10 months, "the judge ruled.

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