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Kanaa movie review.

Actor Darshan
Actress Aishwarya Rajesh
Director Arunrajaja Kamaraj
The music is Tibetan Thomas
Dinesh Krishnan
Sathyaraj is doing agriculture in the village. Family, agriculture and cricket are three living things. His daughter Aishwarya Rajesh. Once in the World Cup cricket match, the Indian team will see that Sathyaraj wakes up in the eye.

Aishwarya Rajesh, who is worried about her dad's eye disorder, must be happy to see her dad's face in the Indian team. Daddy wants to see happiness on his face.

He also starts playing cricket with his brothers playing cricket in his village. But Aishwarya Rajesh, who does not want to play cricket with these guys, wants to put a stump on his mother.

Aishwarya Rajesh has to meet with the locals, environmentalists, selectors, colleagues and counterparts. At the same time, Sathyaraj meets the decline in agriculture.

At the same time, Darshana is living in the same village with love for Aishwarya. He is trying to tell his love to Aishwarya in various ways.

So how did Aishwarya Rajesh change him? How is it that he is happy to play in the Indian team? What is Darshan's love? That's the thrilling step of the film.

There is no doubt that this will be a crucial film in the life of Aishwarya Rajesh's cinematic career. Aishwarya Rajesh is an ordinary village girl who has been known for her role as a cricketer and she does not know how to play cricket. He shows all the emotions that he loves to papa, mother, stubbornness and nostalgia. Hiding the tragedy and talking to a father is a term for his performance.

Sathyaraj is impressed with the role of farmers in the role of farmers. He lives and reflects the bad farmer. In the same way Rama is acting in her style as an average mother.

The jet speed goes to the speed of rocket after the arrival of Sivakarthikeyan as Nelson Tilipkumar. Each of his self-confident talk is a lesson. The last half hour is coming to the seat.

Prince, Darshan, Muniskanth, Savari Muttu, Antony Bakhriaraj and Aishwarya's cricket comrades have done a great job.

Arunarajah Kamaraj, the director of the Tamil Nadu farmers' dream and the pain of the Tamilnadu farmers, has given two different stories in the same line as an entertaining entertainer. Specializing in choosing a game to make people understand the extinct farming. Congratulations to the director Arunrajaja Kamaraj, who has given the life of cricket to the world and celebrates the richness of farmers and agriculture in our country, celebrating rice.

This image can be illustrated in what state of Tamil Nadu is for Tamil Nadu and the farmers who want to cultivate in the game. The director's ability to get all the characters worked well.

"We have 11 people to save Indian cricket ... but to save the farmers in India", "Give a bribe, pay homage to me ... why do not you give me a joke?" Everything is in mind. Cinema is just like cricket. All the sectors have been singing the kana together.

Dabunanan Thomas is holding the film with his music. The songs are repeatedly heard. In the background music we put one. Green, emptiness, poverty and patriotism are distinguished by colors Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography. Ruben's collage is perfect.

In total, "Kana" wins. #Kanaa #KanaaReview #AishwaryaRajesh #Satharaj #ArunrajaKamaraj #Darshan

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