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Power Star Srinivasa missing - wife

His wife, Srinivasan, who was living with his family in Annanagar, complained to the police that his wife had gone missing. #PowerStarSrinivasan

Power Star Srinivasan starred in the movie 'Lathika' in Tamil Cinema. He had acted alongside Santhanam in the film 'Khanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya'. The film became popular with Power Star Srinivasan.

He was suddenly disappeared when he lived with his family in Chennai.

Earlier this morning, Srinivasan's wife Juli filed a complaint at the Anna Nagar police station. She said she had gone to visit her friend and told her that she was missing and had to find him.

The complaint is also mentioned in the complaint that the mysterious persons are involved in cell phone and threaten to transfer their assets in the name of the husband.

Power Star Srinivasan has acted in cinematography but has been stuck in fraud cases. Once again he was arrested and held in Tihar jail. He also has a debt problem. Srinivasan is said to have received a lot of money from some of the honey to get out of it. Could he be kidnapped for this? The suspicion has occurred.

There is a police complaint in this regard. Powerstar Srinivasan, who had left home at 8 am yesterday, had contacted his wife Cellphone for a long time and did not return home. But Srinivasan did not take the cellphone. After this, the police have filed a complaint.

The police said that Srinivasan is in the feed. The police said that he had spoken to him on the phone and he knew where he was located.

On the police side, Srinivasan was reportedly involved in the sale of Power Star Srinivasan's own bungalow.

When it came to contacting Shenivasan cell phone, it seemed to be tense. Hello, Pawarstar then said that he would talk and cut off the link.

So can he be stuck in debt? That is suspect. Police are also investigating this. The police are also engaged in serious surveillance, considering that Srinivasan should not be in danger. #PowerStarSrinivasan
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