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President Sirisena has gone mad - former commander Sarath Fonseka is angry

Former Commander Sarath Fonseka has said that Sri Lankan President Sirisena has been affected by the mood. #Sirisena #SarathFonseka #SriLanka
ஜனாதிபதி சிறிசேனாவுக்கு பைத்தியம் பிடித்து விட்டது - முன்னாள் தளபதி சரத்பொன்சேகா ஆவேசம்
President Sirisena has gone mad - former commander Sarath Fonseka is angry

Sirisena appointed former prime minister Raja Paksha as the new prime minister, removing Ranil Wickramasinghe from Sri Lanka's prime minister.

But Rajapaksa did not prove the majority in parliament. The court has banned the post of prime minister.

This is a political mess in Sri Lanka without the elected Prime Minister.

In this, President Sirisena has been inconvenient to take any decision.

In this regard, former army commander and MP Sarath Fonseka said: -

President Sirisena speaks at night. He is talking about something else. His mood has been affected. Like a madman.

In countries such as the United States, there are rules that the President, Government Leaders and Army Commanders have to make mental examination before taking office.

As well as bring in Sri Lanka. If necessary, the President may arrive at Sirisena 2 week mental hospital.

If necessary, you can also make legal amendments. Sirisena continues to violate the Constitution.

If you become a chancellor I will not do it like this one. I will not break the constitution.

Someone wrote a book written by his grandmother in the name of President Grandpa. Such a person is the principal here.

Fonseka said. #Sirisena #SarathFonseka

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