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Producer union affair - Vishal release of arrested producer association

His supporters, including Vishal who were trying to break the locker of the producer union, were released in the evening. #TFPC #ProducersCouncil #Vishal
தயாரிப்பாளர் சங்க விவகாரம் - கைது செய்யப்பட்ட தயாரிப்பாளர் சங்க தலைவர் விஷால் விடுவிப்பு
Producer union affair - Vishal release of arrested producer association

Actor Vishal is the director of the Tamil Film Producers Association and is the General Secretary of the South Indian Association.

One of the producers against Vishal started sleeping on the battlefield. Yesterday, the Producers Union came to the press and urged many demands, including the absence of the public council, the deposit money, the promises were not fulfilled, the discrimination in the film's release and the unanimous decision made by the General Council of Ilayaraja.

AL. About 50 people, including Alaapappan, D.Siva, S. Radhakrishnan, SV Sekar, Nandagopal, Michael Rayappan and Dhananjay. They locked the union office.

Meanwhile, actor Vishal was arrested this morning for trying to break the lock made to the producer's office. She and her supporters were kept in the hall in Thyagaraya.

In this case, the Tamil Nadu Producers Association arrested in Chennai was released in Vishal Malai.

He told reporters that it was a lot of fun. I was convicted of the offense. No action has been taken so far to report the wrongdoers. But action has been taken against us which are not wrong.

I trust the judiciary. Let's go to court and find solutions to this problem. We will definitely hold a music festival to Illayaraja.

If you want to ask for an account in the club, you have to ask for a proper rule. The diligent producers are being financed, and there is a bank account. People who are not in the Producers Association have complained to us.

If the name of abuse is good for doing it, I will do it. It is wrong to say that 7 crore rupees have been abused. #TFPC #ProducersCouncil #Vishal

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