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Rajini's Teaser Television is the first place in Adventure-Trending

Rajini's Teaser Teaser has received 70 lakh viewers in the 24 hours of release and is on the first place in YouTube Trending. #Petta #Rajinikanth

'2.0' Rajinikanth's new movie 'Interview'

Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha, Bobby Simha, Sasikumar, Bollywood actor Nawasudeen Siddiqui, Simran and Mega Akash are directing the film.

Shimla, Darjeeling and Uttar Pradesh were shot in northern states. All the works of the film are finished and the release of Pongal.

Rajinikanth's 69th birthday yesterday. Rajini's birthday gift was released on Teaser YouTube by 'Batu'. Her performances in Rajini's unique style took place in the teaser.

The 'interview' teaser with Rajini's two different badges flows 1.32 minutes. Rajini's style in Teaser and the hype of Akirupu are very attractive.

Very young, Rajinikanth has revealed his thumping performance. The 'Applause' Teaser Release, released at 11 am yesterday, started its record in 5 minutes.

Over the last 20 minutes, 5 lakh viewers received over 10 lakh viewers in 40 minutes at the same speed. In the 24th hour, 70 million viewers have been in the first place in YouTube Trending.

Director Karthik Subburaj and music composer Anirudh changed their minds in the audio release of the film and identified themselves as Rajini's fan and Rajini's heroine.

So, the 'Batu' film was expected to be a film made for Rajni fans by Rajni fans. The teaser is now confirmed.

Complete Rajini's mass shots coordinate some scenes and design the teaser. There is no text in the teaser, including Rajini's punch dialog.

At the end of the teaser, Rajini's typical style laughs and some of the lyrics of the death mask are included. Rajini is the only teaser of Rajini's birthday. No other character is shown.

The filmmaker has announced that it will soon release the movie trailer. #Petta #Rajinikanth

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