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Silukkuvarpatti Singal movie review.

Actor Vishnu
Actress Regina
Director Chella Ayyavu
Music by Leon James
Olippativu jeleksman
Vishnu Vishal, who lives with her grandmother, has got a constable job in the recommendation. Silvanarpatti joins the police station. Vishnu Vishal, who is not afraid of any case, does not go to any problem but only thinks he is going to make a happy time.

Meanwhile, Vishnu Vishal and her uncle, Regina love her. But uncle Marimuthu denies Vishnu's cowardice and denies the girl.

On the other hand, the police are searching for him to plan the encounter with Sai Ravi. Sai Ravi, Vishnu Vishal is trapped by the killer of the police who killed herself.

Vishnu does not go for any problem, Sai Ravi is a big ruddi and he does not know that he is in a cafe by tapping the si ravi and hiding in jail. Then, the people of Sai Ravi, who had broken the prison and taken him out. Sai Ravi vowed that he will not leave this town without arresting Vishnu who is arrested and imprisoned. Vishnu Vishal is in the city with the help of a lot of kettukku to escape from the fall.

In the end, how did Vishnu escape from Sai Ravi? Do you know Reginava? Why did Vishnu Vishal hit the tip of the wall? What happened in the background? Is the humorous reversal.

Vishnu Vishal, who is scared of some sort of fear and reluctance in the film, is laughing at the scene. Fear of shingle, he wakes up and hears the stomach. Regina guarantees the color of the film. No matter what the lover says, the young girl in this age will not have a problem if a woman like Regina has got it. Beautifully come and enjoy.

Though he is a silent villain, he is supporting the film by compromising the comedy of those around him. Oviya has some scenes but special. Karunakaran is going to laugh at the whole movie. He is an honest police officer.

Yoki Babu who comes as a donkey makes us smile. Lohu Sabah Manohar's iPhone game, Anandraj's Sher Auto-comedy, Mansoor Aligan's bundle, Sneha Brothers's Bathroom comedy, Singamuthu's lockup comedy is a whole laugh.

Livingstone and Vidhyakkarasi are watching through regular performances. Even after Climax, Anandraj used the old images of Mansoor Ali Khan special.

Director Chella Ayia has had many opportunities to make the film a better way to make a laughing career. In some places only unnecessary footage is present. It can also be accepted as a break for the next scene.

Duo Rio Song is the best of Leon James's music. Other songs are a listening. The background music is also blended. J. Lekshamman's cinematography is shown commercially.

Overall, the 'lioness lion' is guaranteed to smile. #SilukkuvarpattiSingam #SilukkuvarpattiSingamReview #VishnuVishal #ReginaCassandra

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