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Someone is trying to get a problem - Vikram Prabhu is the source

Vikram Prabhu said that while Vikram Prabhu acted in the movie theater guns in the movie theaters, now anybody has a problem for all the films. #ThuppakkiMunai #VikramPrabhu

Vikram Prabhu interviewed in the film '

How to play an aged look at a young age?

When Dinesh, director of the 45-year-old police officer, said, I thought about the film.

Then, in the appearance of salt and pepper, It became the backbone set. I have already acted in the movie 'Peak Touch'.

That's the youngest police. The old police officer in this film. The 33-year-old policeman was about to see how he was in the mood. There is a lot of research into the police. Even though there are some hesitation in the beginning, the story of the film has made me break into the positivist mindset.

What kind of films would you like to play?

All the films will not be hit by the general actors. Some pictures are people. Daddy's 'Cinnamathampi' and 'Agni star' are the films. It was like that. To me, 'Kumki' is the picture. To retain the name of the film, I would like to choose different characters. I'm sure I do not repeat the same poisons. So, the success of the failure is my carrier. Comedy, Action, Romance and I love to do all. Ten years ago, we had to release a picture of Isiya. Now there is a problem for all the films that are sociopolies. Thus the actors have a lot of difficulties.

Do you have the pressure to take the name of father and grandfather in the field of cinema?

Whatever work you do, it will be worth the effort. I have made all efforts to act in cinema too. Before the story chooses a story, if the story comes to the picture, I will first think I will go to the theater. I too am a lot of acting. Time to come to us; Coming. #ThuppakkiMunai #VikramPrabhu

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