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Special Meeting of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly - Resolution passed by the Opposition to the Meghadad dam

தமிழக சட்டப்பேரவை சிறப்பு கூட்டம் - மேகதாது அணைக்கு எதிர்ப்பு தெரிவித்து தீர்மானம் நிறைவேற்றம்Chennai:

The Government of Karnataka has been intensifying the construction of the dam in Meghatadavu. The Central Board of Water Authority has issued a huge turmoil in Tamil Nadu.

DMK said that the Karnataka legislature should be convened to discuss the Karnataka government's efforts to build a new dam across the cloud. Including opposition parties.

A special meeting of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly began today at 4 o'clock. When the meeting began, Chief Minister Palanisamy proposed a protest against the construction of the cloud.

Opposition leaders spoke on that decision. Chief Minister Palanisamy responded by saying.

The DMK, the Congress, the Indian Union Muslim League, Dinakaran, Taimumun Ansari, and the private sector supported the decision of the Government of Tamil Nadu regarding the Meghadad dam.

Finally, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed an unanimous resolution in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly demanding that Karnataka should not be damaged in Cauvery.

Speaking on the occasion, Speaker Dhanapal said, "A historic decision has been taken. The resolution proposed by Chief Minister Edapadi Palaniasam unanimously passed. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly has been postponed without specifying the date. #MekedatuDamIssue #AssemblySpecialSession

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