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The lack of confidence in the UK Prime Minister again - brought the opposition

The opposition's lack of confidence in the country against the UK Prime Minister Teresa May in the frustration issue. #TheresaMay
இங்கிலாந்து பிரதமர் மீது மீண்டும் நம்பிக்கை இல்லா தீர்மானம் - எதிர்க்கட்சி கொண்டு வந்தது

The lack of confidence in the UK Prime Minister again - brought the opposition

England is part of the European Union. But there was a demand for the withdrawal from the European Union in order to save the UK's individuality.

People have already voted to leave the European Union in a poll that has already taken place in this regard. The arrangements are being made.

In this regard, there is dissatisfaction with UK Prime Minister Teresa May over the deal with the European Union. His own Conservative MPs expressed dissatisfaction with him.

So last week against him came a lack of confidence. According to the Conservative Party rules, their own party MPs can decide without a party's confidence in the prime minister.

On that basis, he had no confidence in the party. But this resolution failed. So Teresa May resigned.

The European Union was scheduled to be held on 11th of this month on MPs. But the Prime Minister postponed until 14th of this month. This has also caused dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Teresa among the MPs.

So the opposition party is now bringing confidence to Parliament on the Maya parliament. Leader of the opposition Jeremy Carbin, who made this decision, said, "The Prime Minister Teresa is carrying out anti-national measures.

So he loses the status quo as prime minister. That is why we have brought no confidence in him. All the MPs in the UK have appealed for a vote in favor of the resolution.

It is not known when this resolution will go to the poll. But many of the native party MPs are against the Teresa May, and his position is likely to be in danger.

The total number of MPs in the Parliament is 650. Theresa May Conservative Party has 317 MPs and the Opposition Labor Party 257 MPs. #TheresaMay
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