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The Madras High Court ordered the removal of the seal for the producer's association

On behalf of the Producers Association, the Chennai High Court ordered the Vishal case to remove the seals placed at the Producers' Association. #TFPC #Vishal #ProducersCouncil

Actor Vishal is acting as the head of the Tamil Film Producers Association. Some of the producers raised the battlefield against him.

The administration did not function properly and took part in the union premises and locked the union office. Vishal broke the lock made to the producer union yesterday and went in.

There was a sharp debate between him and the police. Following this, Vishal was arrested and released in the evening.

The police recommended the revenue department to inquire into the matter because the association was involved. Is the Producers Association acting in compliance with the rules of the Association? Registered officials also investigated the Annai office. Then the seal office was sealed.

Vishal said in his Twitter page: "After 8 hours of illegal arrest, I came out. I have suffered a mistake that I did not do. It's sad that we did not enter our own office.

There is no action on the illegal locked doors. Of course this is unfair. There is the confidence of the judiciary. I hope to get justice for what has happened today. "

Following this, the Vishal case was filed in the Chennai High Court regarding the sealing of the producer's association. As the petition was taken up today, the judges ordered the Revenue Codeotier and the Registrar to remove the seals from the club. #TFPC #Vishal #ProducersCouncil #ChennaiHighCourt***For More Tamil Online News- -Tamil Online News Paper, Jaffna News, Sri Lanka News, India News, Chennai News, Tamil Nadu News, Cinema News, Tamil Cinema movies News, Canada News, World News..#Tamilnews , #Jaffnanews, #Srillankanews, #indiaNews , #Tamilmovies, #Tamilcinemanews தமிழ் செய்திகள், செய்தி, செய்திகள், இலங்கை செய்திகள்

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