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The producer does not think the union's office dropped the lock - Vishal

 The producer does not think the union's office dropped the lock - Vishal#ProducersCouncil #Vishal #TFPC

Vishal is the director of Tamil Film Producers Association. A group of the Producers' Association had staged a protest against the union premises today against him.

More than 50 producers including producers D.Siva, K. Rajan, AL Vijayakappan, JK Rishish, SV Sekar, Udaya and Vidyal Shekar came to the Producers' Association premises in Nagar, The slogans raised the fight.

The union leader did not fulfill the promises made by Vishal. He acts with self-profits. The general council meeting for this year is not yet available. There is a problem with the release of the film because the Vishal group is biased in order to regulate the image output. The past administration has been involved in a fraud in the deposit. There were many demands that made no action to eliminate Bhairiyar.

Producers and producers of the protest rally locked up the rooms. Vishal continued to struggle to come immediately. They locked the club and handed them over to the police station nearby.

Actor Vishal has already given the explanation. It will be submitted to the public committee. The locker for the Producers Union office will not be thought of. The protesters are already in the public council, "he said
 Said. #ProducersCouncil #Vishal #TFPC

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