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The strike movement of the Zakto Geo is temporarily postponing

ஜாக்டோ ஜியோ அமைப்பினரின் வேலைநிறுத்த போராட்டம் தற்காலிகமாக ஒத்திவைப்புMadurai:

The JACOCA-JIO, a federation of state employees and teachers' associations, announced various demands and announced that it would take up its first strike action tomorrow (Tuesday).

In this case, a lawyer from Madurai, Loganathan, has appeared before Madras High Court judges Sasitharan, Swaminathan.

Zakto-Geo has announced that she will be engaged tomorrow's strike. Half-year selection will be held in schools next week. The choice of Jacotio-Geo employees will greatly affect the choice. Relief work is also being carried out in areas affected by the Ghaz. There is a possibility of damage to those tasks. Therefore, the jaco-geo movement should be banned.

Judges who accept his request, file your demands in advance. At the afternoon at 1 pm we would like to hear it.

Furthermore, the judges advised the lawyer to appear on behalf of the Zakto Geo Foundation to consider the suspension of the strike in the present situation.

The court had earlier made some recommendations to the Tamil Nadu government in the case filed in Madurai with the same demands. What is the action taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu? The judges have also been asked to file a report within 10-12-2018.

In this case, the court was informed on behalf of the Zakto Geo Foundation that the strike was to be temporarily postponed.

Following this, the judges postponed to the date of the re-investigation of the case filed by the lawyer Loganathan. #jactogeo #jactogeostrikepostponed #jactogeostrike***For More Tamil Online News- -Tamil Online News Paper, Jaffna News, Sri Lanka News, India News, Chennai News, Tamil Nadu News, Cinema News, Tamil Cinema movies News, Canada News, World News..#Tamilnews , #Jaffnanews, #Srillankanews, #indiaNews , #Tamilmovies, #Tamilcinemanews தமிழ் செய்திகள், செய்தி, செய்திகள், இலங்கை செய்திகள்

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