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They charged me for the sex worker - Chinmayi limitations frustrated

Singam Chinmayi has said that she is accused of being sex worker by sexually abusing me. #MeToo #Chinmayi

The famous playback singer Chinmayi has reportedly sexually harassed Vairamuthu for sexual abuse. This is a thrilling news for Tamil cinema in the last few months. After this, the conflict started with Radhar.

Chinmayi said in a tweet that Tatoe was given a title for Radaravi, and again reiterated her opinion.

Speaking on a live video on Facebook yesterday, he made several points about Methu. Subsequently, Radharavi said she had been plotting to remove her from the dubbing union. He continued:

"I say that since 2016, there is no dubbing union member, why did he agree to talk to dubbing in 4 films over the past two years? What is the name of the Dato Radaravi campus for the building built on the money collected by dubbing union members?

If you say all the complaints, you do not want to act anymore. Why do men warn that the female will act in the role of a girl?

Personally, I do not have a problem with the use of Radaravi Dato title. But I used to think of it as his Letter Bad, the dubbing campus building. It was then that the Melaka government did not have a dotto degree.

Later it was told by Sultan. Is not it any Sultan or any businessman? Radharavi should give him whatever Bharat Ratna or Padma Shri. I'm not worried about that.

But if he says that there is a Vishaka group in the dubbing union, ask the question what will be the task. I have seen that there is a difference between questioning men and questioning women since the issue of Methu.

Do not hide sexual assaults. Do not cover this. Meat's footsteps are not women and children to be ashamed of. It's not just for women. Male children also occur. Many men have told me that they have suffered a plague. This is the time we have to question ourselves.

But today, this community seeks to strengthen those who have been affected by the victims. Peace of the community on women's complaints will strengthen the victims. After complaining about me in the mood. Many women viewed me how these social web sites look.

I'm so lazy. Thanks to the Tamil men who have spoken all the bad words in Tamil. Are you happy? Are you morally You will say that you are integral. Then call me sex worker. Let's say one thing. If you say me sex worker, I will not bend the shy head.

Occupational sex industry that lives only for men in this world. This profession is for the various sexual needs of men. Maybe if all of those workers are working, you are going to give them space in the community? I'll make a request at this time.

If you are sexually suggesting women in your home, do not go to work, do not get locked up in your home. Edit the wrongdoers. Do not disgrace the victim, do not be upset. Why is sexual abuse going on? Talk about what's going on. Talk to family, educational institution, workplace everywhere. Men will understand us. Whatever you decide, let's talk. Society finds a change.

Today, social change has come to the point that it is a marital ramp if the husband does not have a wife's desire. If there is still a change, it should be debated and advised. So speak frankly. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if the society is presenting some criticism today,

He has spoken thus.
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