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Upon went to rob the house, which happened to be involved in Jaffna

Jaffna News: One has been trapped by a homeowner who tried to steal into the house at night. The other three have escaped. The thief was strangled and handed over to the police.

This incident took place yesterday night before the school near Vithathalpala.

The homeowner has observed that four are in the house-in-the-dark. Instantly, he did not show it as he saw them, but simply went into the house and told the neighbors about the phone and surrounded the housing resource. Suddenly, they were told to light up the window and enter the house. Then, at around 10.30pm, the house switched off. Without being quiet at home, he was observing what was happening.

The thieves, who thought everyone was sleeping, tried to separate the house from the house at 11 pm, as there was no noise inside the house. The householder immediately lights up the lights and shouted. Four of these unexpected thieves escaped to flee. Outside of the household resource, they were driven out. In four, only one was caught. Other thieves escaped.

They tied him to the tree and screamed. Then he was handed over to the police.

The police came to the investigation and came to know about the thieves. One of the thieves who escaped belonged to the keeper. He lives in Udupi. The other two belong to Kilinochchi.

In the Udupi area of ​​Vadamarachchi, there have been many theft of the past one year. They are the big theft of the thugs. Those robbers were not identified. The police are conducting investigations in the view that these thieves are involved in those incidents.

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