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We will prepare a weapon against the United States - Russian president threatens the intimidation

The Russian president threatens to prepare us if we are armed with a nuclear weapon contracts. #Putin #Russia #Missiles #US
அமெரிக்காவுக்கு போட்டியாக நாங்களும் ஆயுதம் தயாரிப்போம் - ரஷிய அதிபர் புதின் மிரட்டல்
We will prepare a weapon against the United States - Russian president threatens the intimidation

In the Second World War, the US and Russia joined together in the war against Germany.

But, after the end of the war, are you between the US and Russia? Am i great? Competition.

Both countries have accumulated weapons. Particularly in the preparation of the atomic bomb and the launching of the missiles.

There was a situation where both countries could clash. In this situation, Gorbachev, the Russian president, came down slightly.

This resulted in a 1987 nuclear-pump prevention agreement between the US and Russia.

Accordingly, stopping the preparation of short and neutral nuclear missiles was decided to destroy many of the weapons already produced.

Subsequently, both countries destroyed most nuclear weapons. No new weapons were produced.

However, US President Trump announced that Russia was acting in violation of the deal and therefore would leave the deal.

In this situation, US Secretary of State Mike Bamboo said that if we did not destroy the missiles in more than 60 days, we would leave the deal.

NATO countries have also accused Russia of violating the treaty. Russia has created a system to produce medium-sized missiles. NATO has claimed that this was a violation of the contract.

The Russian president gave the answer to the US and NATO accusations. He said: -

The US does not have any evidence that we have violated this Agreement. However, we say false allegations that we have breached the contract.

Now the situation has changed. The United States thinks we can put up with the deal and make a lot of weapons.

If they prepare the weapon we will prepare the weapon. While we have signed this agreement, many countries have prepared such banned weapons.

The US thinks that the deal should be left out of the deal. Therefore, they blame us for showing up justification on their part.

Thus the mentor said. #Putin #Russia #Missiles #US

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