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About 400 requests for assistance to Britain's Sri Lankan government

Main article: The British Foreign Office has accused the British government of destroying some 400 files related to the assistance of the Sri Lankan government in the early days of the armed conflict, accusing it of "annihilating history".

The British government of the Tatarstan government provided arms to the Sri Lankan government against Tamil liberation movements.

The information received has been reported by satar ornin Journal.

Britain's MI for Sri Lankan Intelligence Service Officers and Commandants to Overcome Tamil Guerrillas 15 and SAAS have suggested that since the late 1970s, 195 requisites had been destroyed.

From the early 1980s, diplomats have reported 177 other sources, the Mornings Star reported.

There are many details about small arms in the rest of the remaining copies.

The movement against arms trading strongly condemned the demolition of the demands, saying that the movement should not be allowed to hide the complicity of Sri Lanka's war crimes by the Foreign Ministry.

The spokesman for the movement, Smith said,

Sri Lankan conflicts have serious consequences. Thousands of people were killed.

Batty Britain's role may be inconvenient for the government. If justice and accountability exist, it should be completely exposed. "

Britain provided weapons to the right-wing president of the Sri Lankan government in the 1980s and advised the top brass of the armed forces.

Historic documents are expected to be maintained by all departments. After 30 years, they should be viewed by the National Archives Department. But the Foreign Ministry destroys the cues before it becomes public.

Morne Star has found that in 2014 the Sri Lankan records were destroyed before the Foreign Ministry sent a few weeks to apologize to the top historians for destroying the demands of the anti-colonial movement,

The diplomats now have secret plans to administer more than 40 checks on the mid-1980s, as well as political asylum applications in these colonies, the training of the Sri Lankan forces in the UK and nine volume weapons sales.

Dr. Rachael Cioyigi, Sri Lankan affairs specialist at the University of Kent, said that the government is taking efforts to protect the remaining residues. At first he said that the biggest demolition of demolition was far more than we thought.

The role played by the role of the British government in the Sri Lankan conflict, particularly the armed support and training of the Sri Lankan forces, is still not fully understood. For this reason the suspicion arises regarding the interest shown to be destroyed by the Coalition. He said that we can not allow history to be cleared by destroying specific demands.

Tamil activists in Britain have strongly condemned the demolition of the demands. Vairamuthu Varathakumar, Executive Secretary of the Tamil Information Center in London, is trying to get an emergency legal advice.

The Tamil Coalition Socialist group has expressed shock over the demolition of Coimbatore. Its coordinator R. Ssenan has accused the British government of trying to hide many things.

Rukiratu the accused.

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